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Fun game




Helps you think of words that you don’t know.

So much fun

I have this game on my phone and tablet And really enjoy it.

Fun game.

So far so good. I like that it’s making me think!

Great game

I love playing it!!!! Has great levels ❗️❗️❗️


I can’t seem to stop!


Helps me stay challenged when I have idle time. Good for kids especially.

Marketing Director


Stimulating word game!

Great use of brain while relaxing.... not a waste of time...... “If you don’t use it, you will lose it”

Makes me think!

Not overly obvious but doable.


Love making my mind figure out the pieces.


I love it! I choose my games carefully but I needed another game to not be bored with only one and I found this.


I’m addicted!!!

Enjoy this game

Lots of fun to play.


Can’t stop playing. I have impressed myself how many words I know.

Really great game for the mind.

Simple game idea with a challenging concept. Give it a try really keeps your brain thinking and working!

Pretty darn fun

It’s really simple, you get a good scramble of letters but you know exactly what words they are, it’s pretty addicting hahahaha

Super fun!

Lots of fun; good way to spend a rainy day!

Super fun!

This game is addicting and super relaxing. It requires you to think, so you exercise your brain. Love it!

Fun and challenging

Great way to pass the time.

Addictive but relaxing

I love this game.


Haven’t stopped playing!

So far so good

Moves quick

Fun game and helps thought process.

Relaxing and fun at the same time. Enjoy on retiring. Thank you Yes, absolutely!


Great spelling help

Relaxing Brain Booster

Wordscapes allows you to align and combine letters into words. The 5 letter words can be a little challenging, but you can shuffle the letters to help you see possible combinations. The shorter words come easily and you can just relax and enjoy trying different combinations to make the words. You get extra credit for words you can that are not included in the crossword puzzle. Overall, not an addicting game, but something to do for a little mindless fun while you are waiting in line or waiting to pick up the kids. A great distraction.


Love the challenge. I’ve also learned new words


It’s fun while I’m passing the time at work....I mean on my break time, yeah! I’m not playing while I’m on the clock. But it’s fun.


Love the game and makes me think!

Easy enough

Entertaining enough

If you love wordgames...

This is such a fun wordgame. It can go as fast as you make it. I am addicted!

Good Game but Issues

I enjoy playing this game; however, the dictionary in use is limited. Or, maybe it is not the dictionary but the implementation. The game rejects so many common usage words that it is laughable. It is also frustrating that it will accept a word in one puzzle and not another. The word “dale” is the first that comes to mind. Yes, “Dale” is a proper noun (name), but it is also a “dale” (valley, glen, hollow, vale, etc.) There are many other examples of common words that are not accepted; unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping a list. Dale just happens to be the first one that comes to mind. Other than the horrible dictionary implementation, overall, the game is fun. With some improvement, it could be exceptional.


In my family liked by adults and children 9 years to 13 years old.

Good fun indeed

Fun app to use your free and not so free time :)

Shane Falco 16

Great game

Why I enjoy this game!

It’s fun and easy so far at my age of 76, I enjoy the challenge I will keep on trying, yours truly, mima76


Love this game


Very addicting !!!!!

So fun!!

I’ll admit, I usually don’t like these kinds of games. This is such a fun game though my friends and I are addicted!! Definitely recommended for when you’re bored and want a break from social media! A good brain workout too without even realizing it💜

Great game

Great game


I got this game cause I was bored, but now it’s something I look foreword to. The design, colors, and overall theme really brighten up my device! Sure, the game might get hard, but it’s worth the thinking when you complete the level! I highly recommend this to anyone of any age group!



Too many ads

It was a super fun game until there was an ad after every single level. Yes, ads mean free games. I don’t generally mind ads. One after every level, though, was just too much for me to keep the game.


I don’t know who you reviewers are but this game is a scam. You can’t progress at all without paying. Shame on you.


Good solo game


Fun and mind stimulating

Love it

I work in a call center so it takes up my time :)

Fun challenge

Very relaxing to take your mind off the day.

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