Wordscapes App Reviews

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Simple to learn, challenging enough, and always fun!

Awesome, fun game!

Fun quick

Love it. No big time commitment. Just whenever possible. Lots of fun.

Its awesome

Love it


This game is so addicting!!!


It’s a really fun game!

Great game



After a taxing day, it is nice to sit down and unwind to lovely landscapes, quiet music, and a crossword puzzle.


So far it’s a fun game




Very challenging game


Fun and entertaining and challenging

Challenges your word knowledge

Fun to play. Challenges your mind.


Love it


I think this game is very addictive once u get into it. I love this game!!!! 😍😘❤️


I love word games like this, and the crossword twist adds that extra something to it. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the vocabulary base for this game is missing common words once in a while (STEED, for example). Hope they make more levels soon; getting close to the end!

Bridget Hall-Payne

I love to challenge my 8 year old son and this crossword puzzle is challenging and fun.

Best mind healer


Good game

What the title says

Thinking persons game

Great fun! Keeps your mind busy!

Lovely interface!!

LOVE, Love, Love the photos of nature’s bounty! Inspiring and happy-making!!


It is a fun game

Good brain food

The best part is- though I am just beginning- a person doesn’t get frustrated with being blocked by being unable to get more coins for clues. Thank you!

great game


Fun game! Brain puzzles!

Love this game!! Keeps me sharp!

One of My All-time Favorite 😍😍

If you live for word games, you'll love this.

i have failed all my finals because of this game

but i’m ok w it

Wordscapes is awesome

It is hard but I love it!

Fun! A real escape!

Relaxing word game

Good game!!!

Good pass time


My husband, 3 kids and myself play this game. It keeps us thinking all the time. We love it.

Fun but annoying

I love brain puzzles and enjoy the game-it’s great- however one point made me stop. To get a hint you need 50 coins. You get 2-5 coins for beating a checkpoint or level. You can get 25 by watching a whole 30sec ad. ALL the ads are 30sec and half the time you don’t get the 25 for watching it. If I’m gonna sit through 30 sec ad GIVE ME THE COINS!!!!! IF I BEAT A LEVEL GIVE ME MORE COINS!!!! Here’s another idea MAKE THE HINTS 25f@&kin coins!!!! here’s another idea FIX THE CODE BUG THAT TAKES EXTRA COINS FROM YOU WHEN YOU BUY A HINT. Your getting people from all angles here. Yes I know games need purchases to make money but this is ruthless


Putts your brain to work


Nice views!


Love this game. Highly recommend.

Adults only

This app is rated ages 4+. It’s a fun and challenging program but it shows ads for programs rated 12+. There is bad language and inappropriate situations. Don’t let younger kids use this.

Really good game

This is a really good game there aren’t even words to describe how good this game is

Great game

Very addictive

Fun and addicting

Love games that make me push myself.


Fun way to pass the time.


Really gets your brain going. 🙂

Better than the word game!

🤗 great game

Super Amazing!

I love this game! I love word games to keep my mind sharp but this is truly great! Plus the backgrounds are stunning!


Peace Of Mind !!!

Very addictive!

Love this game!!


Love it


This game is so addictive and so much fun

Great one

Great game good way to pass time

Lots of fun!

Love this game!

Very Fun

Good for the BRAIN!


Fun and challengingly entertaining

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