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Love it

Very Addicting


Fun &challenging game!


Awesome to keep kids entertained and. Challenged


Challenging, fun, engaging. Love it—can’t put it down.


I’ve been totally hooked on this game since my first move!


Love it very fun & mind improving!!😀😋👍


Thinking is fun and this makes you think.


Can’t put it down

Fun Game!

Having lots of fun with this game.


It’s fun and keeps my mind sharp!

Best word game out there!

The scenery is nice to look at while you play, and I like how it’s a mix between a crossword and a word scramble

Love it

It’s hard to put down. Stretches your vocabulary.

Words apes

This is so addicting! Can’t put it down!

Great Game

Me and my niece and nephew love playing this game together, it helps us bond and have some fun.

Really good to relax

It's not super over challenging yet, I'm sure it will be when I'm at the higher levels, but it is enough to be interesting and at the same time really relaxing.


Great ..........👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Fast moving

Great to keep your mind active

Ads are way too long

A minute plus long ads every 2-3 games is ridiculous.


So much fun. Can’t stop playing. Challenging.

Love it!

Holds my attention..

Poor placement of hint button

The placement of the 300 coin button causes it to be unintentionally used. It’s extremely frustrating. It would be helpful if the extra hint buttons could be disabled.


Meh. This game is OK. Starts off strong and then you realize that it is not increasing in difficulty. This uses the same words over again as well in other puzzles. Overall, it’s fine.

Mr David Pettway

Great for the mind keep the harder words coming


Great exercise for the brain!!!


Very challenging

Good game

Very fun game


Great brain tests


That’s all I can say “HOOKED”

Fun, addicting, challenging

Fun, addicting, challenging

Fun game

Great game, both easy and challenging.

Download it

Fun game. They provide the perfect thinking music🤣 Good way to kill time.

Fun game to play good to keep mind alarm

It a fast game and lots of fun to play

Word Scape

If you love word games you’ll be addicted to word scape!

Weary but sucked in

Game showed up while playing Words with Friends but looked cool. It’s actually really fun. It’s Crosswords meets Puzzles meets Words With Friends. Give it a shot. Worst part is waiting for ads til the next level.


Continuous fun!

Great game

Just challenging enough to be fun but not frustrating

Beautiful game

Beautiful game and challenging. Fun for kids and adults.

Love this game

I truly enjoy this game, it makes me think. One suggestion, either make rewards higher or the hints lower (cheaper)

Great game



Sometimes challenging, makes me think

Simple to learn, challenging enough, and always fun!

Awesome, fun game!


Excellent mind word game. Keeps you coming back for more!

Great game!

Easy to learn but still challenging.

FUN and challenging!

Great game! Lots of fun. Makes you think.




Challenging and fun!


This game is so much fun and passes the time.

Fun Game


Love it!

My 8 year old and I love this game.


This is a awesome way to make your mind work an enjoy it at the same time .i love it!

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